COVID-19  Due to extremely heavy volume and safety protocols related to COVID-19, We are experiencing some shipping delays and temporary inventory outages. We will notify you when your order has been shipped. Some manufactures are experiencing major production delays and supply chain shortages.  We appreciate your patience during this difficult time. Please stay safe. 

Every year we are fortunate enough to close down for the Holidays to spend time with our family and friends. 



This years shut down dates will be as follows:

November 25th & 26th 


December 24th through the New Year


We will resume normal business on January 3rd, 2022


If you need to place an order, keep in mind the closed dates and plan accordingly. 





  • Aluminum alloy reinforced frame.
  • Three, fixed, unbreakable, plumb, magnified, fog-proof acrylic vials.
  • Guaranteed to 0.5 mm/m in the standard position, and 0.75 mm/m inverted.
  • Cushioned end caps to guard against shocks in the job site environment.
  • Comfortable, cushioned grips for a firm grasp and steady level placement.

Available in four sizes: 36″



Superior strength — profile weight is 890 g/m and no hand holes to compromise integrity.

  • Unbreakable magnified acrylic vials. Shock-absorbing end caps. Machined edges.
  • Measuring tolerance is .3 mm per 1 meter in standard position. The period at the end of this sentence is .3 mm tall.
  • The inverted measuring tolerance is .75 mm per meter.

Available in two sizes: 24″



Professional accuracy line level with an easy-to-read bubble housed in a sturdy aluminum body.

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