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Every year we are fortunate enough to close down for the Holidays to spend time with our family and friends. 



This years shut down dates will be as follows:

November 25th & 26th 


December 24th through the New Year


We will resume normal business on January 3rd, 2022


If you need to place an order, keep in mind the closed dates and plan accordingly. 


Faucet Seats

Tired of leaky faucets dripping in your home? Replacing your faucet valve seat could be the quick, easy fix you’re looking for. Faucet seats can easily get worn out with age, leading to a compromised seal, and the dreaded leak. Instead of wasting time and money on a complete faucet replacement, try a faucet seat replacement instead. Danco carries faucet seats in all your favorite brands, including American Standard, Steamway, Kohler and more.

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