The Eddy Grabo battery operated vacuum cup

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Product Overview

The Eddy Grabo

Grabo is a powerful battery operated vacuum cup that holds up to 375lbs. It can grab even uneven porous surfaces such as plywood and drywall. Handling glass, tile, stone, metal sheet even checker plate, plywood, lumber, drywall, countertop, furniture, appliances, etc. is much easier with this portable handle! It can be used as an anchor for securing the ladders, lifting or hanging, and many more. 

Grabo is lightweight, only 3.3lbs, and easily grab and release frequently. Its rechargable 16V Li-ion battery lasts up to 1.5 hours of continues working at each charge. Charging takes only 2 hours. A pressure gauge shows the vacuum pressure, ensuring the operator of the continuous grabbing force. Hanging brackets allows using a hanging strap with quick release buckles, making handling of furniture and appliances an easy job.

It comes with a spare battery and spare seal and spare filter.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review